DRUUMM’s primary governance body is our Steering Committee, a group of volunteer member-leaders who are elected each year. The steering committee sets the vision and strategic direction for our ministry and organization, approves our annual budget, and supervises staff.

Meet the Executive Committee

Esperanza Garza-Danweber

Tomi Fatunde
Acting 1st Vice President

Sangye Hawke
2nd Vice President

Kate Goka

Michelle Venegas-Matula
Acting Secretary

Meet the Steering Committee

Verdis Robinson
GA Coordinator

Noel Burke

Karin Lin

Michael Crumpler
UUA Liaison

Our leadership ecosystem includes:

Chaplain Team: Our collective of ordained and fellowshipped Ministers of Color who volunteer to provide confidential pastoral care and spiritual leadership for our community.

Organizing Project Advisory Committee: Seasoned lay leaders and religious professionals of color with expertise in BIPOC UU local groups, faith formation, and anti-racism training who help develop our DRUUMM programs and activities.

Nominating Committee: Members who recruit and vet members to serve on the Steering Committee, and provide feedback on the leadership development of the organization.

Staff and Consultants: Our dedicated professionals support the administration, programs, and ministries of DRUUMM.