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One of the wonderful outcomes of community organizing is following the energy and opportunity that comes from building relationships and visioning together. DRUUMM has been engaging in deeper, more intentional conversations with UU Religious Professionals, congregations, and members over the last year as part of our Organizing Project. As we listened and took note of where UU People of Color were, we stepped back to recognize a new wave of UU People of Color Groups forming.

The oldest continuous UU POC Groups we’ve identified were founded in the 1990s when DRUUMM was forming, primarily by lay leaders who were seeking community, healing, and solidarity. Since then over 40 groups have started up, over half in the last few years. While these groups have developed often in isolation, they articulate common values and visions that forge a shared journey. These groups also share several key characteristics – a welcoming place for new UU People of Color, culturally responsive worship and faith formation, and healing from racism and oppression.

Our Local UU BIPOC Groups Directory started in 2020 and we aim to update it annually to encourage and promote the important connections happening in our congregations and communities. These groups are independent of DRUUMM, however they may avail of our group membership and facilitator/organizers are encouraged to attend our monthly Peer Network gatherings that provide space for peer support and resource sharing.

We hope you will share this with those who may be interested, and if you’re aware of a group not listed, let us know.

2021 DRUUMM Directory of UU BIPOC Groups

We welcome submissions for emerging/forming UU People of Color Groups.

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